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New Webcast 2 of 4 on Windows Mobile Development available on MSDN

The second MSDN webcast from our webcastseries Windows Mobile: Applications at your fingertips from Patrick Getzmann, Simon Hackfort and myself has gone online today.


This time we are deep diving into the tools Hopper and AppVerifier which are needed for Marketplace for Mobile testing.


After the recording Patrick had some additional annotations, which can be found here.


The webcast itself can be found here.

Managed FocusApp released on CodePlex

Simon Hackfort released his managed version of Microsofts FocusApp in preparation of our upcoming WebCast already on CodePlex.

The advantages over FocusApp are:

  • No need for compiling an new version – ManagedFocusApp is configurable
  • All existing in managed Code
  • Autostart-Feature of Hopper

So check out version 1.0 on CodePlex here.

(For those not familiar with FocusApp: FocusApp is a little helper application in combination with Hopper. Hopper itself is a test tool sending random Window Messages, Mouseclicks and keyboard entries for stress testing an application.
As part of the Application Submission Requirements for Windows Marketplace for Mobile, the Hopper test has to be successfully ran for 2 hours)

Short Update on MyPhone and Windows Mobile Marketplace


If you have been interested in testing MyPhone on your Mobile Device, you now have the possibility as the beta has been opened to all users.

More Info can be found on the teams blog post.

Windows Mobile Marketplace

1.) As a lot of you have been asking, when the registration will be available to NON US citizens: It’s going to be mid july.
2.) The Windows Mobile Marketplace Forum on MSDN has opened it’s doors. You can find it here.

Requirements for Windows Mobile Marketplace Apps

Do you want to know, which requirements have to be met for creating Apps for the Windows Mobile Marketplace? Then you should have a look at the Submission Guidelines. This document is actually a 32 pages long Draft in PDF Format.

For a quick overview I’d suggest to head over to pocketnow.com and take a look at the short summary, which gives you a quick overview of which requiremnts have to be met.