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Drinking Game “Mexican” with Windows Mobile

You know these fridays: Bored on friday nights and you come on the great idea to play a drrinking game with some friends, like probably “Mexican” (find a description for the game here).

You have all the beverage in place, but it tends to happen, that you don’t have any dices around. Good when you have your Windows Mobile with you:

LieberLieber released virtual dices for this game for free over here.


Go and grab it.

P.S.: No warranties are given about headaches next morning. 😉

Let’s Rock!

Ich muss es einfach zugeben: Ich spiele unheimlich gerne Guitar Hero III. Da ich aber auch gerne mit Windows Mobile arbeite ist es doch einfach nur logisch, daß man beides kombinieren sollte, oder?  Und so kommt mir Guitar Hero III Mobile sehr gelegen. So sind zwar “nur” 15 Songs aus Guitar Hero III vorhanden, jedoch reicht dies völlig aus. Weitere sollen aber noch folgen.

Ihr erhaltet es hier für 14,99$. Let’s rock!


– English Version –


I have to admit: One of my favourite games is Guitar Hero III. As I love working with Windows Mobile as well, why not combining both? That’s how Guitar Hero III Mobile was created. It includes “only” 15 Songs from Guitar Hero III, but this is sufficient. More songs are to come.

You can get it here for 14,99$. Let’s rock!