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WPDev Fusion: Recordings, Slides and Samples are now available!

Last Wednesday was a special day, after weeks of preparation the first WPDev Fusion kicked off a new initiative with a huge success. With live attendees from all over the world, hundreds of tweets on our #wpdevfusion hashtag and great sessions by our top speakers we couldn’t have imagined a better start. After the success of Windows Phone Week in October we realized something bigger and longer-lasting should be available for our beloved #wpdev community. This event was the first step towards the WPDev Fusion community the will be organizing events and hosting content online throughout 2014 and beyond.

We are well aware that not everyone has been able to attend the full event and therefore we are happy to announce the availability of recordings, slides and samples for every WPDev Fusion session. See the bottom of this post for an overview.

Did you like the event? Do you have feedback about the event or any of the sessions? Or do you have any suggestions about the future of our community? Please let us know! Also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date our future plans and announcements.

Thanks again to everyone for being part of this event, enjoy the recordings and slides and we hope to welcome you back to a WPDev Fusion event in the future.

Session recordings are available through the online portal. Please login using the emailaddress used for registering before or perform a new registration.

Utilizing the Speech API – Maciej Grabek

Is there any other way to establish communication between user and app different to graphical user interface and touch? Yes… there is… Instead of normal interaction we can simply TALK with our app. What more is that our app can talk to us! This gives you lot of new possibilities and WOW factor. Join this presentation to learn more how to surprise users of your app.


Local data access in Windows Phone – Matteo Pagani

One of the most common requirements in a Windows Phone app is to store data locally, so that they can be accessed also when the Internet connection is missing. During this session we’ll see the available solutions: local storage, serialization and databases.

Slides - Demos

Mapping Tips and Tricks – Joost van Schaik

Windows Phone has a very exciting and versatile set of APIs around maps, location and routing. This session takes you on a short roundtrip through the features and ends with some real GIS integration
Basic Map manipulation & querying
Drawing and querying points on the map
Drawing and querying lines/polygons on the map
Integrate with routing
Basic proximity detection using Location tracking


An App – No Code: The Microsoft App Studio – Peter Nowak

With Microsoft App Studio it is finally possible to create Apps without developer knowledge. There are some basics to learn. What these are and what you need to know is shown in this session.


Sharing Data between W8 and WP8: SkyDrive for developers

Users love being able to share data between apps on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. This session shows you how to use SkyDrive to share data between platforms as well as encryption techniques.


Ask the experts

A full 30 minute “Ask the experts”-session with our speakers: Peter Nowak, Maciej Grabek, Ginny Caughey, Matteo Pagani and Joost van Schaik to wrap up the event.

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New Webcast 2 of 4 on Windows Mobile Development available on MSDN

The second MSDN webcast from our webcastseries Windows Mobile: Applications at your fingertips from Patrick Getzmann, Simon Hackfort and myself has gone online today.


This time we are deep diving into the tools Hopper and AppVerifier which are needed for Marketplace for Mobile testing.


After the recording Patrick had some additional annotations, which can be found here.


The webcast itself can be found here.

New Webcast 1 of 4 on Windows Mobile Development available on MSDN (German)

Patrick Getzmann, Simon Hackfort and myself are actually recording a new series on Windows Mobile Development for MSDN.

The main topic overall is Windows Mobile 6.5 and additional components available by MS.

Part 1 has been made available already yesterday:

“Windows Mobile Applications (Teil 1 von 4) – Einführung in die Softwarerichtlinien für den Windows Marketplace for Mobile”. You can find the webcast here.

 All new webcasts will be shown here.

The next webcast will be available soon and will be covering Hopper and the App Verifier. Stay tuned.

Casting to the Web: Webcasts on Mobility (german)

image image image

The famous slogan for StarCraft II is “It’s about time”. The same slogan  accords to Simon, Patrick and myself as well: It’s about time for some Webcasts on Mobility.

So lean back and enjoy our forthcoming series on Windows Mobile Development in native and managed code. It’s beyond “button1_Click” and covers topic you are searching for on the Internet beyond “Hello World”.

The Webcast series will contain the following 6 topics and release dates:

as you can see from the description already, all Webcasts will be presented in native german.

More info on the Webcasts can be found on the official page here.

Smart Device Development Chat in June!

Join Microsoft Experts for an Online Chat!

Smart Device Development Chat!
Please join experts from the Windows Mobile, Windows CE
, SQL Server CE and .NET Compact Framework communities in a chat around application development for smart devices. These chats are a great opportunity to have your questions answered by experts from around the world.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

11:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. Pacific Time

2:00 – 3:00 P.M. Eastern Time

18:00 – 19:00 GMT

Germany: 20 – 21 Uhr

Join the chat room on the day of the chat:
MSDN: www.microsoft.com/communities/chats/chatrooms/msdn.aspx

MSDN Webcast: Windows Communications Framework and Mobile Devices (Level 200)

Wer Zeit und Lust und mehr über die WCF im .NET Compact Framework, insbesondere zum “Store and Forward Messaging” zu erfahren, denen empfehle ich den heute Abend in englischer Sprache stattfindenden WebCast sich anzuschauen.

Anmeldung und weitere Informationen gibt es hier.

– English Version –

For those who are interested to learn more about WCF in the .NET Compact Framework, especially on “Store and Forward Messaging”, I recommend to participate in tonights (speaking in terms of GMT+1) WebCast on this topic

Registration and additional information can be found here.

Webcast: Programmieren mit dem .NET Compact Framework – Mobil ist “in” (Rückblick)

Am 24.05. hielten Torsten und ich den im Titel benannten Webcast. Doch bevor es soweit war streikte die Technik. Nachdem diese Hürde jedoch genommen war konnten wir, wie fast geplant, 5 Minuten später beginnen.
Zu Beginn interviewte uns Bernd Marquardt (vielen Dank nochmal an dieser Stelle, daß wir dabei sein durften), wonach wir dann einige Samples zu 2 Kapiteln aus unserem Buch präsentierten.

Wer sich diesen Webcast noch einmal anschauen mag bekommt diesen hier per Download.

Die Samples, wie bereits im Webcast mitgeteilt, gibt es hier.