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rampup – Develop Windows Mobile 6 Applications


New to Windows Mobile Development? Want to speed up fast?

In this case you shall have a look at the rampup modules at MSDN.

In 7 courses you will learn:

  • Level 1: Mobile Development Introduction
  • Level 2: Device Emulators
  • Level 3: Mobile Windows Forms Development
  • Level 4: Advanced Mobile Windows Forms Development
  • Level 5: SQL Server CE Introduction
  • Level 6: Security and Deployment
  • Level 7: Mobile Web Development

The rampup modules can be found here.

Thanks Maarten for pointing out!

Windows Mobile Forum on MSDN (Germany)


Very often I get asked via Mail or Messenger “Can you help me”, “How do I…”, “Can you tell me how…” or similar questions.

My general reply is (especially for german based persons) to use the Windows Mobile Forum on MSDN. There is even a localized forum for those who aren’t that familiar with the english language… (Okay, in that case they aren’t able to read that post, but this is another story 😉 ).

The reason I tell people to use this forum has several reasons:

  • Probably there is someone out on the Net, who has the same problem. Documenting it that way makes it easy for others to find THAT solution.
  • Searching the forum minimizes the questions.
  • I don’t know all the answers. On the forums are several other people around, who can answer questions even better than I do.
  • You can ask in native german language. 😉

Even those of you who tried it earlier and haven’t been satisfied with it shall give it another try: The Forums have been reworked at the beginning of this year.

This doesn’t only mean a facelift but new functionality as well. If you are interested in a breif german overview I suggest reading Kai’s blogpost on this.

As I’m a Moderator on this Forum as well seeing forward to see you there.

Link: German Windows Mobile Forum on MSDN

Call to Action: MSDN Mobile Webcast Series Reloaded (German)

The recording of the Webcast Series on Mobile Development has been finished, yet the last part is about to being published soon.

Simon, Patrick and I are actually thinking about setting up a new series. We have actually assembled some ideas for new topics but give you the opportunity to have some influence on this. Share your ideas as comments on this page and we will think about, if we will have the chance to include this topics.


Unfortunatelly it is going to be in native (german) again….

Updated Windows Mobile and Windows Mobile Developer Network Portals in Germany

Microsoft recently updated it’s portals on Windows Mobile and the according Developer Portal in Germany.

The general portal has now a mesh on different consumer information like devices, latest news, information on consumer software and diffenent guidelines.

Sure that it actually uses Silverlight like a lot of actual updates MS Sites, which is okay for me.

The portal can be found here.


The Windows Mobile Developer Network looks more like a new starting page to the MSDN Network. Nevertheless it meshes important developer information to be seen directly. Beside of actual news and events useful mobile applications are listed as well as links to different interesting blogs on mobile development as well as on additional “extras”.

In this very moment the page looks a bit empty, but I’m sure that this will change very soon.

New Look and Feel for the Windows Mobile Developer Center on MSDN (US)

Constanze Kratel informs us about the new Look and Feel of the WM Dev Senter on MSDN (US):

Just in time for PDC we have made some changes to the Windows Mobile Developer Center on MSDN.

We have arranged our content around the different steps that make up Windows Mobile Application Development and have selected a range of content from different media. Here’s what it looks like:


We have also created a new section called “Windows  Mobile Buzz,” which provides you with links to our social networking profiles, like our Windows Mobile Facebook group.


You will still find all the familiar items you know from previously, such as Featured Resources, Webcasts, Blogs, and others.

It’s not only the Windows Mobile Developer Center that has changed. The Windows Mobile Team blog has a new look and feel too. Check it out:


And last, but not least, check out our new Windows Mobile Developer portal:


As always we are happy to get feedback from you about these changes!



You can find the original post here.