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windows-phone-blueIt is still a couple of month until we will here anything about any API regarding a Windows Phone Blue release. But today I interestingly stumbled over this post by Justin Angel, where he takes a sneak peak on the API, which he found on a leaked Win 8.1 version that already is a couple of months old, but nevertheless interesting to see, what could be possibly in this API for Phone developers. This is my personal information, where I’m putting together assumptions – nothing more, nothing less.

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Why do I think I’m able to do these assumptions?

From what we learned with Windows Phone 8 is, that the Kernel is already running a Windows NT Kernel, and not, like before, a Windows CE Kernel. This means, that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 already have a common base to share. It seems to me more than obvious, that streamlining both plattforms is one designated goal to achieve, to reduce costs for developing, maintaing and especially testing Windows Phone. Especially having a different UI Layer (WP8: still Silverlight, W8: WinRT XAML) makes it more than hard creating Apps targeting both plattforms directly. This makes me believe, that the UI Layer will be shared here as well and my guess is, that it will happen with the “Blue Wave”.

Disclaimer: Please don’t sue me

The article is written to share personal opinion based on this post . I have no insider information what-so-ever on Windows 8.1, Windows Phone Blue, or any related technology.

This article compromises my personal conclusions from “leaked” information. No NDAs were harmed in the making of this article. I do not have and never had any pre-release access the components mentioned in this article. It was written and researched on my own time and has no affiliation with my employer.

The Base

Justin already dissected the parts in for the Windows 8.1 API, where I’ll only focus on the parts, that I think could be in the package for Windows Phone Developers. Therefore I’m just commenting my thoughts on the ToC.

  1. Bluetooth 4.0 RfComm and GATT support
    With Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, sharing Information between Modern UI Style Apps is impossible, as both share a different PeerFinder implementation. Therefore I guess, that App2App Communication between W8 and WP8 will be enabled.
  2. VPN support for Modern UI apps
    This is a number one feature that Windows Phone Business Users are demanding since Windows Phone 7. So, if it is likely to come to Windows 8.1, I think it will come over to Windows Phone Blue as well.
  3. Support for any External / USB device
    As there is already existing Support for Storage Cards within Windows Phone 8, my guess is, that this will be expanded for Windows Phone Blue as well. Having a Storage Card today working only with Readonly Access for registered filetypes doesn’t sound feasible anymore.
  4. Camera: Low-lag cameras / HDR
    As Nokia is actually showing more and more devices, which have an incredible camera included, I guess that this feature might come with Windows Phone Blue as well
  5. New App Type: GeoFenced activation
    If this comes to Windows 8.1, my best guess is, that this will be included in Windows Phone Blue as well. This is a feature, that a lot of Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions offer, so having this out of the box would make Windows Phone Blue more attractive to Business users, who want to have such a control.
  6. New App Type: Lock screen call
    Whoever tried to use Skype on Windows Phone 8 ran into this specific problem, so I’m guessing that this would be included as well for enhancing the user experience for those apps!

I hope sharing this ideas helps to get an idea, where the journey with Windows Phone Blue could take us.

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